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The benefits of roll call features in time clocking systems

One of the most important aspects of any modern time clocking software is integrated roll call features. Digital roll call systems automate the process of accounting for staff – giving managers a verifiable, real-time record of which staff are present and where they are on-site. This is clearly a far cry from the days of paper sign-in sheets or punch cards, when there was no way of verifying beyond doubt which staff were present and certainly no way of knowing their location. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits of roll call features in time clocking systems, showcasing how they make workplaces safer places to be, improve evacuation protocols, enhance staff wellbeing and bolster site security.

Key features of roll call systems

Real-time attendance tracking

One of the core features of roll call in time clocking systems is real-time attendance tracking. Unlike traditional methods that rely on periodic check-ins, integrated roll call enables managers to access an up-to-the-minute record of employee presence. This feature significantly improves accuracy, allowing for optimised scheduling and eliminating the lag associated with manual tracking.

Geo-fencing for enhanced control

Geo-fencing means staff clock-ins are restricted to specific locations, enabling businesses to ensure that employees are where they need to be. This not only prevents unauthorised access to certain areas but also enhances safety by ensuring that employees are present in designated safe zones during emergencies. The most advanced roll call systems also allow managers an overview of where on the site each employee is in real time.

Facial recognition for identity verification

The integration of facial recognition technology in roll call systems provides a secure and efficient method for identity verification. This not only minimises the risk of time theft but also contributes to a safer workplace by ensuring that only authorised personnel gain access to secure areas.

Mobile accessibility for flexibility

Increasingly, businesses are seeking technology stacks which can incorporate more flexible working arrangements. Roll call systems with mobile accessibility allow employees to clock in remotely using their smartphones or tablets. This not only supports a more flexible work culture but also provides a practical solution in situations where on-site attendance may pose health risks or other challenges. Mobile accessibility also extends to staff management – with managers able to check attendance and staff location in real-time on their mobile devices, which is vital in emergency situations. 

Why your business needs integrated roll call features

Enhanced safety protocols

Roll call features play a crucial role in enhancing organisational health and safety protocols. The real-time tracking capability ensures that in the event of an emergency, employers have an immediate and accurate account of who is present on-site, and how close they are to assembly points. This information is invaluable for a quicker and more effective emergency response. Mobile accessibility also means employees can mark themselves as safe, allowing managers to focus their attention on staff members who are yet to reach safety.

Strict adherence to safety zones

Geo-fencing ensures strict adherence to safety zones, reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents and making evacuation procedures more manageable. By limiting clock-ins to specific locations, businesses can prevent unauthorised access to hazardous areas. This not only reduces the risk of accidents but also helps maintain a secure work environment, aligning with the highest safety standards.

Secure access control

Facial recognition adds a layer of security to access control, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter secure zones. This feature not only prevents potential security breaches but also contributes to a sense of safety among employees. Knowing that access is tightly controlled fosters a secure and comfortable work environment. It also ensures that, in the event of an emergency, managers can quickly verify which staff members need to be accounted for.

Improved employee wellbeing

Roll call features with mobile accessibility offer a practical solution for promoting employee wellbeing. This is particularly useful for businesses which need to accommodate for a range of flexible working arrangements. This flexibility not only supports overall wellbeing but also contributes to a positive work culture. Where businesses previously may not have been able to support many remote employees, or where remote workers would frequently have to come on-site to participate in certain critical tasks, mobile accessibility removes barriers to a working environment which suits everyone.

A safer, more harmonious working environment with Crown

Crown’s time clocking platform comes with advanced, integrated roll call functionality as standard. By partnering with Crown, your business will have access to vastly improved visibility over staff attendance and location, bringing your safety protocols into line with the very best and ensuring you can seamlessly accommodate a range of flexible working arrangements. Find out more about how your business can benefit from Crown by arranging a demo today!

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