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How integrated roll call systems improve workplace health and safety

In the event of a workplace emergency, managers need to be able to work quickly and methodically with all the relevant information immediately available from their roll call system, in order to ensure the safety of all employees. Workplace health and safety legislation continues to evolve, and businesses must update their processes to stay compliant.

Why, then, should technology be any different? Managers must be able to know who is on or off site (and preferably where) at any given moment – something which is only possible with roll call systems that are integrated with time and attendance software. Read on as we explain how vital having a modern roll call system is and the features that are most important in an emergency.

The urgency of a quick response

It goes without saying that speed and organisation of evacuation are vital to keeping everyone safe in the event of an emergency such as a fire. While the training of individual staff members is vital to this, so is the ability of managers to quickly account for which staff are on site, their whereabouts and whether they have reached an evacuation point.

When roll call systems are not digitised, or when they don’t link to real-time attendance tracking, the drawbacks are obvious. The list of present employees may not be verifiable if manual clocking methods are in operation, there is no way of identifying where individual staff members are at the time of an evacuation alarm, and most importantly the process of confirming staff are safely evacuated will take much longer. Clearly, more modern technology solutions are required to improve safety outcomes in such a situation.

Enter integrated roll call systems

The solution to this problem is a completely digitised roll call system that either forms part of or integrates seamlessly with your business’ workforce management platform. These systems address the drawbacks of manual methods, providing a more efficient and reliable means of accounting for employees in times of crisis.

Real-time tracking capabilities play a pivotal role in expediting emergency responses. This enables managers to make quicker and better-informed decisions. In the event of a hypothetical emergency, the person-in-charge would be able to ascertain which members of staff have safely evacuated, which are yet to and which part of the site they are in, in a fraction of the time it would take to reference paper or other manual attendance records. 

This also eliminates the possibility of human error when counting staff, and creates a record of the vital information to send to the emergency services if required. In addition, integrated roll call systems contribute to enhanced accountability and compliance. Even if having one isn’t an absolute requirement in your industry, it demonstrates your commitment to creating a safe working environment to authorities.

Key features of a modern roll call system

Integrated roll call systems boast several key features designed to speed up emergency responses:

  1. Real-time tracking. Employing real-time tracking ensures that the whereabouts of each employee are known instantly, and that staff are automatically designated as evacuated or at-risk.
  2. Automated check-ins/check-outs. Automated processes eliminate delays in accounting for personnel, allowing for a more rapid and precise response.
  3. Geo-fencing. Precise location monitoring through geo-fencing enhances the accuracy of employee tracking during emergencies.
  4. Integration with access control systems. Seamlessly integrating with access control systems ensures a comprehensive approach to employee accountability.


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