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Do you have the right Time Clock?

How the right time clock can improve time and attendance reporting.

Employee time and attendance has a lasting impact on your organisation and bottom line. 

With the right time clock and workforce management system you can make sure your team and revenue are on the right track

Time clocks are an essential piece of kit for many organisations that need to track employee time and attendance, but having the wrong system in place can cause more problems than it solves. Improper reporting can actually leave you open to fraud, create compliance issues with overtime, lead to lost revenue because of over-reported time and create inconsistencies caused by human error. However, with a new and modern time clock system in place, your employee time and attendance tracking will be accurate and precise, and your workplace will become more efficient and productive.

Here are a few of the issues which can arise through an outdated system:

  • Buddy punching
  • Over-reported hours
  • Improper tracking of paid time off
  • Under-reported hours
  • Employment law or union compliance
  • Unfair remuneration of employees

On the other hand, a modern and multi-functional time and attendance terminal does away with manual time cards, records information in real time, manages your workforce’s hours for you, and drastically reduces the chance of errors. Plus, when employees log time with a high-tech reporting system, the device will immediately indicate if there’s an error, and the employee will have to reconcile the problem before continuing.

Access Control-1Further, when you use a biometric time clock - one that uses fingerprints, facial recognition, or other biological data to identify employees - it eliminates the possibility of buddy punching, increases security and restricts access to sensitive areas.

Because high-tech electronic time clock systems track, log, organise and calculate for you, they also improve the accuracy of time and attendance reporting and salary payments - and this makes for happier employees. Furthermore, an automated system can also help ensure compliance with employment laws, such as those that regulate pay for overtime, record keeping and paid leave.


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