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Winning the race – do you have the route map for success?

What is it that drives us in our professional career? Specific goals and targets, fulfilment in doing something well, being part of a successful team, knowing that you are playing your part and making a difference.

This pursuit of happiness – essentially, this is what it comes down to – has to have its roots in personal satisfaction in order to maintain drive – is a huge factor in everything we do and can significantly affect the retention of valuable resources.

At Crown Workforce Management, we see how the organisations that we work with, develop cultures through various strands of HR practice: employee engagement, wellbeing, team building and flexible working and leadership: strong strategic vision, planning and good policies and processes to guide the workplace, its output and encourage the commitment and performance of its individuals.

Within our own place of work, we have high achievers and this was reinforced by news this week that one of our colleagues, Helena Rean, who is a keen runner, has attained a personal best in the Aldridge 10k race. Not only was this a great accomplishment on a personal level but she did this as part of a team – a success that could be shared with others the Baddesley Badgers.

As we are about the enter the summer of sport, in which witness competitive feats from the Fifa Women’s World Cup and ICC World Cricket to Wimbledon and the Tour de France, sporting analogies demonstrate and reinforce how important leadership and human resources are in helping the individual achieve to their optimum.

Within the world of work, industries and sectors may change, but the organisations that we work with to apply effective workforce management not only acquire the tools to make the ‘machine’ work better but use it as a basis on which to build good practice and review it.

The business analytics capability within Crown WFM provides a reporting method to allow senior managers to look at the bigger picture – a dashboard on which key performance indicators and metrics can be viewed for faster, smarter, more dynamic decision-making.

For it is being able to look at the current state of play that will allow us to plan for where we want to be – having an end goal in sight for your organisation and for the individual who is part of your team.

Our guide, Going for Gold – how to develop a high-performing team, will provide further insight. It is free to download below.

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