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This must be stamped out!  Another example showing the importance of accurate data.

Following on from the Post Office scandal in the UK it seems we’re not alone. This time it’s in Australia!

So, Australia Post recently admitted they made a mistake with their payroll system. It turns out, 3,600 employees were short-changed by A$5.6 million over the past decade. That’s more than A$1500 on average each!

Australia Post have apologised and are now seeking to rectify the problem and those who are still employed will see their missing dollars appear in their next pay packet. It’s going to be more difficult to trace and recompense those that have left.

So, there you have it: once again a post office showing how important accurate data is, and that if problems happen that they should be managed in a far quicker way. We know how long Mr Bates and others have been dealing with the UK Post Office and here’s another blunder down under, this time in payroll, that's been brewing since 2014.

With these lengthy problems, is there something about post offices
taking a long time to deliver?

How can we help?
So, we at Crown Workforce Management are here to help you manage your staff's shifts and assist you to pay them accurately and avoid such issues.  Sounds simple enough, but we know it can be a headache if you don't have the right tools. With our smart workforce management system (WMS) we help you by automating and simplifying the entire process. No matter the business, we can help you save time, money and hassle.

No more manual data entry, no more errors, no more disputes- Just accurate and timely pay for your hard-working staff- (1)

How does it work?
Well, our WMS collects, stores and analyses data on your staff's attendance and activities. It then calculates their pay based on your specific rules and sends it to your payroll department – if an employee is at work, are they paid at a particular rate? Or are they paid a different rate after a certain amount of overtime shifts? Or if someone works into a rest day, are they paid or compensated with time off in lieu?

Bespoke Service
We know from experience that every organisation has its own specific rules of how to pay its workforce, which Crown is able to facilitate by bespoke payment rules. Understanding all the intricacies of these rules to ensure this accuracy, is something that we as a business pride ourselves on and is a keyway that we build strong relationships with our customers.

Saving Time and Money
Working in dynamic environments may see people working overtime across different operations on any given day – and as such these operations may have different cost codes attached to them to ensure the right part of the organisation is paying for this resource. To do this manually for thousands of people and get it correct would be nearly impossible – as would staying up to date with overtime records. We can manage this by automatically coding and paying overtime based on the hours worked by an employee, the overtime payments are visible to the employee, enabling them to check what pay they will receive, this can actually remove the need for overtime submissions.

This forward-thinking, joined-up capability from Crown has been harnessed through our in-depth experience of working with many organisations over the years, and it plays a key role in helping organisations to free up employees’ time to concentrate on other pressing matters – and ultimately – providing better value for money from either the private or the public purse.

But don't take our word for it. We've been working with hundreds of organisations across the UK, including many multi-national businesses and others in the public sector, and they're thrilled with the results. We have decades of experience in helping to provide bespoke automated time and attendance/payroll services. For police forces alone we are currently working with sixteen forces across the UK to help them accurately pay more than 65,000 employees a month. A great example of how Crown helps police forces to boost its operational efficiency is through the work it has done with The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC), which has seen CNC moving away from a standalone Microsoft Excel application and paper-based approach in favour of a digitised, cross-force platform.

Flexible approach
As we are an agile business ourselves, Crown expects the volume and type of demand to flex and as such, we collaborate with our clients with a dedicated service delivery manager to address any trends that are emerging in their work patterns, whilst also looking at future priorities.

With organisations continuing to recruit new employees amid a backdrop of increasing scrutiny of how public money is being spent or the requirement for more efficient business during the cost-of-living crisis, implementing a workforce management system is a prudent way of providing long-term value with a fast return on investment.

To help those public sector organisations that are able to adopt a fast procurement process, we are part of the reputable G Cloud 13 framework, which will enable organisations to start using our tailored systems quickly after initially contacting us.

Do you want to join our winning partnerships with successful forward-looking organisations? Just get in touch with us and we'll arrange a demo for you. You'll see for yourself how our workforce management system can help transform your operations. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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