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Ten reasons why our cloud services provide better value

In any organisation that depends upon its workforce for success, WFM implementations are indeed essential and business-critical systems. However, the installation, hosting, and management of these applications on on-premise infrastructure platforms can distract from the actual business priorities resulting in higher costs of ownership.

Our managed cloud services can offer significant time and cost benefits. The following 10 reasons highlight the benefits of our cloud services compared with on-premise implementations.

1. Minimised need for infrastructure investments

Deploying in the Cloud avoids capital investment that otherwise requires careful consideration, planning, design, and investment.  On-Premise infrastructure cannot be easily changed if external factors change or the initial assumptions prove to be wrong. 

2. Just in time infrastructure, not just in case

The large, global-scale cloud platform that underpins the WFM managed cloud services overcomes the need to plan for peak demand. Cloud provides the ability to deliver the required capability and scale ‘just-in-time’, without the need for capital projects. 

3. Better infrastructure scalability, resilience, and durability

The WFM managed cloud services are capable of simultaneously covering scaling, performance, and availability of the solution. Replicating such infrastructure in on-premise installations can make the design very complicated, potentially impractical, and expensive.

4. Better security and information protection

The WFM cloud deployments provide a consistently high level of protection that is aligned with well-endorsed security principles such as the UK Government National Cyber Security Centre guidelines. The principles address protection of data in transit and at rest, protective monitoring, and incident management, among other areas. Also of interest here is protection against malware, which the WFM/DMS cloud service provides as standard.

5. Integrated operations, monitoring, management, reporting

The WFM cloud service, as a standard, is inclusive of the full range of backup, monitoring, management, and reporting. This eliminates almost all the costs of applications and system management for the customer. 

6. 'Evergreen' with technical currency 

In the WFM managed cloud services, all the system software, middleware, and technology services are maintained at or close to the latest supported version. This requires continual monitoring of the alerts and developments, impact assessments, and controlled updates.

7. Ability to provision ad-hoc and transient environments

The underlying cloud platform of WFM can be dynamically provisioned on-demand. This allows the WFM services to be deployed not only into production environment but also in any number of supplementary environments to support configuration, testing, training, or demonstration. 

8. Elimination of licensing concerns

Our WFM cloud services include all the necessary licences required to deliver the solution, eliminating the significant effort involved with the acquisition and maintenance of all underlying licensing.

9. Commercial flexibility

WFM cloud services provide the flexibility for much simplified cost accounting by wrapping all the platform and service costs into a highly simplified subscription model. The TCO of the solution will be much easier to understand and manage.

10. Elimination of stranded assets

Cloud-based solutions like WFM services totally remove the concerns of stranded assets. All infrastructure required for the service is allocated and maintained as required as a part of the service. At the end of the service term, the underlying infrastructure is deallocated so that there are no further costs.

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