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Case Study

Scottish Healthcare Supplies



Scottish Healthcare Supplies (SHS), a division of the Common Services Agency (CSA) for the NHS in Scotland, has just received the perfect Crown Manager solution from Crown Workforce Management.


With approximately 100 people based in Edinburgh and a number of remote staff spread around Scotland, time and attendance is of key importance for SHS. Flexitime is a vital element of the system supplied by Crown and is a key module of Crown Manager.

“Flexibility is the key to successfully managing a workforce and with business becoming ever more competitive, it is vital to improve productivity and maintain strict control over costs”, says Mike Hawkesford, Managing Director at Crown WFM.

SHS had previously encountered technical difficulties when they tried to install a different system from another supplier resulting in a cautious approach to future Time and Attendance solutions. The Crown Manager system provides the flexibility and modular approach required to handle timesheets and billing functions and Crowns training and support package provided extra reassurance.

“We found Crown’s approach to project management and support and their emphasis on training crucial in the successful implementation of the Crown Manager package” Margaret Wallace, Assistant Director, Scottish Healthcare Supplies.

A Time and Attendance function has been implemented in phase one for 110 employees at SHS and includes web clocking and wall clocking functions, with training being carried out on-site in Edinburgh. The second phase will involve the setting up of activity management, timesheet entry and billing.

Prime functions for staff at SHS include providing value-for-money contracting and specialist commercial, technical and equipping services to the NHS in Scotland. Each block of time must be accounted for against a given project number and the new on-line electronic timesheets will speed up and streamline this process.

In the future, SHS are considering telephony clocking and project status recording functions using a mobile telephone. The nature of the Crown Manager system enables several functions to be added on a modular basis as required.

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