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Removing administrative burden from absence management

Crown Manager™ removes the administrative burden from absence management

It is said that 20 per cent of workers are usually responsible for 80 per cent of absence, but in a large organisation identifying who is genuinely ill and who is swinging the lead can be hard to spot.

The Crown Manager™ workforce management software from Crown WFM allows managers in the X industry to quickly identify both authorised and unauthorised absence at the touch of the button and provides reporting on historical trends.

Unexpected absence can be an administrative burden; it can result in a loss in productivity and require additional planning to schedule cover. With this in mind, Crown Manager™ captures data automatically which can be integrated with HR, payroll and other systems to provide a full record of each staff member’s absence history whilst streamlining administrative processes.

It gives senior managers an insight into absence levels and trends on a departmental, divisional and individual level which can be used to enforce policies. Unauthorised absences are flagged as exceptions on the system and rules can be applied to automatically notify line managers via email when action needs taking such as a return to work interview.

“It’s been proven that absence rates fall when senior managers are involved in managing absence, yet according to a CBI report, 20% of organisations are still not recording the reason for absence, so are unable to identify and manage any underlying problems,” said David Hughes, Head of Marketing at Crown WFM. “Crown Manager™ has been specifically designed to eliminate unnecessary administration. Data is captured automatically and allows managers to easily capture the reasons for absences so that potential issues can be identified quickly.”

Crown Manager™ is a comprehensive workforce management system designed for medium to large organisations that integrates with all popular finance, business, HR and payroll systems. It is fully scalable so is suitable for virtually all organisations and is particularly effective in addressing the complex business requirements usually associated with large organisations who have multi-site operations, multiple contracts or who use agency staff.

It features a comprehensive workforce analytics dashboard that is able to show real-time employee data such as absenteeism or overtime costs. This highlights potential trends, issues and problems before they arise, allowing staffing adjustments to be made accordingly.

It can be used remotely for mobile workforce management and features telephony for time registration as well as dedicated access control which can be used across multiple sites. This together with advanced time and attendance workforce scheduling and activity management capabilities can increase efficiency of the workforce, reduce overtime and help with absence management.

For further information about Crown Manager, call 01827 309800 or email info@crowncomputing.co.uk.

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