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Release of Version 15.3 with new shift swap request feature

We are excited to announce Version 15.3 is available from 07.05.2024 for both our Duty Management System (DMS) and Workforce Management (WFM) with new functionality including a new Employee Shift Swap Request feature.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have focused on refining your user experience and providing you with tools that empower you to achieve even more with our software.

This latest version boasts a range of updates, as detailed in our comprehensive release notes which can be downloaded from the Customer Portal (login required).

From these updates, we've handpicked four standout features to spotlight, which promise immediate benefits to your organisation:

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Employee Shift Swap Request

Employees are demanding greater control over their working time. V15.3 has been enhanced to enable employees to agree to swap their shifts, largely under their own control.

This feature allows an employee to swap their shift with another employee. The swap request is confirmed by the other employee before it is sent to the Supervisor or Manager to Grant or Deny. The system verifies these requests against both mandatory and optional rules to ensure they align with your specific requirements. Both employees in the swap are notified of the outcome and the daily patterns for each employee are automatically updated.

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Date-based User Access

Users can now have varied permissions over time with designated start and end dates, allowing for flexible access adjustments. This facilitates temporary delegation of permissions and role changes. Users and employees can be assigned different templates based on date ranges, aiding in role transitions.

This means that changes to an employee’s role and responsibility can be configured in advance. Other benefits include being able to make one user have the same ability as another, enhanced user and employee auditing and better control over license key counts 

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Period of Absence Notes

The Period of Absence Review process has been enhanced to enable the input of multiple Additional Information entries and multiple notes. This means that users won't lose any data during the review process and they now have the capability to include multiple sets of additional details and longer notes, providing more comprehensive documentation and analysis.

Bullet point 4Microsoft .NET 8

V15.3 is built on the latest Microsoft .NET 8 platform. This platform offers improved performance, enhanced security and forms the focus of future developments and support from Microsoft.

As communicated previously, please be aware that .NET 6 is going out of Microsoft support in November 2024. Customers using Crown software V15.0, v15.1 and v15.2 (including variants) are advised to upgrade at their earliest convenience.



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