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Release of Version 15.2 for enhanced performance and features

We are excited to announce Version 15.2 is available from 31.08.2023 for both our Duty Management System (DMS) and Workforce Management (WFM); 

which we believe brings with it enhancements and new features that will greatly benefit your experience.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have focused on refining your user experience and providing you with tools that empower you to achieve even more with our software.

Detailed release notes can be found in the Customer Portal and are briefly outlined below.

V15.2 - New Feature Highlights

Bullet point 1Date-Based Tree Access - Schedule changes to a manager’s access ahead of time, ensuring everything is set before they even touch the system.

bullet point 2System Log-On - Our main landing screens now display the date and time of the last logon, giving you peace of mind against unauthorized access attempts.

Bullet point 3Automatic Login - Users can now have the option to log into the Crown Manager using their organisational credentials, skipping the standard login page entirely.

Bullet point 4Inactive Users - This report easily identifies User licences that are no longer in use. This means you can reclaim and reallocate as needed.

bullet point 5Web Based File Imports - Import files can now be easily uploaded via the Crown Manager.

bullet point 6Crown HR - Employees can now have desirable qualifications and/or courses automatically linked to their job, making repetitive manual entries a thing of the past.

bullet point 7Batch Un-roster Confirmation Messaging - This reduces the chance of accidently applying large changes to the wrong tree branch or even the entire organisation in WFS.



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