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Nothing as Constant as Change

As I reflected on the recent past the phrase “there’s nothing as constant as change” came into my mind. A brief bit of research showed me that this quote is often attributed to Heraclitus, perhaps ironic that this saying has lasted from an ancient Greek philosopher from 500 BCE.

With the recent political upheavals and moving from the Elizabethan era to the new Carolean time of Charles III we were told about how the Queen had seen 15 Prime Ministers come and go. Very impressive, a constant in the world of change. However, on social media it was pointed out by one commentator that their 6-year-old child had already seen 4 Prime Ministers in power in their short lifetime. Truly change is with us more than ever before.

Obviously more change is inevitable as ER becomes CR, QC’s become KC’s and much more is altered to fit the new monarch. Our currency, stamps, royal warrants on products ranging from Heinz to Nestle to Sleepeezee Beds, the formal names of many of our organisations that include “Her Majesty” such as the Prison and Probation Service and even the armed services may all need rebranding to some extent.

Royalists and republicans alike have no choice but to embrace this change. Indeed, for the past couple of weeks this particular adjustment has overwhelmed the already huge flux that is afoot. Many organisations are still trying to come to terms with the change in attitude to the “workplace” following the global pandemic. Meanwhile, others are dealing with change in our relations with Europe and with the continuation of leftovers from Brexit, the war in Ukraine, the “cost of living” crisis and, arguably most important, with emphasis on the specific word we are focusing on in this blog, climate change.

Embracing this change is, as I have said, not a choice.

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This has never been more true in all areas of life including business planning and ways of working.

Without accepting the world is changing undoubtably means businesses will fail, whether through poor productivity by attendance not matching presence requirement or the inability to recruit.

In some areas the driving force may be people that are requesting change, the latest trend for the 4-day week shows this, in other areas many organisations are examining shift patterns to see if they are fit for purpose – do we need 24/7 cover, 24/6 or is there another even seasonal requirement, can we use agency or our core workers flexibly?

Legislation had meant that a more level playing field existed, brought in by a set of standards across Europe, but if we are to believe the rumours then these may be in doubt as the new Prime Minister is reported to be considering an overhaul of the 48 hour working week and other rules originally brought in during 1998 with the EU Working Time Directive.

It may be necessary to change how you are working but it is important not to think it trivial. Changes in how employees work may have deep impacts outside the workplace, on home life or with other important relationships. So, if you need to change how your organisation functions take it seriously and bring your employees with you. If the change is employee driven, then ensure it also works for your business.

With pressures from employees and employers alike to enable flexibility, it could also become a more complicated aspect of business life. There may be a greater business requirement to monitor the availability of hours and skills whilst facilitating the newly required flexibilities. Ensuring equitable treatment of less social hours and making sure not only absence is monitored and the reasons behind it understood whilst dealing with any consequences could become a greater imperative.

Working in Partnership with You and Your Employees

Crown Workforce Management has been helping businesses design and implement more flexible working schemes for decades. Our workforce management system gives you the power to manage your workforce more flexibly and efficiently than ever before. Our secure mobile app lets businesses support remote workers in exactly the same way as on-site staff, allowing them to sustain new and exciting ways of working.

Meanwhile, our consultants are with you every step of the way as you reshape your company’s working arrangements leading to not only improvements in your workplace culture but also enabling better control and understanding of workforce costs. We can help businesses to:

  • Analyse, understand and predict their demand profiles
  • Design and develop optimum resource profiles and shift patterns, enabling not only improved productivity but also work-life balance, motivation and reward
  • Implement solutions in partnership with your employees
  • Help you manage your future flexible working solutions – monitoring hours usage, absence and planning day to day flexibility requirements

In our last blog we introduced the concept of the Workforce Planning and Management cycle … embracing change means understanding that it never stops, it’s an ongoing journey. It encompasses longer-term strategic planning, shorter-term/on the day change and ongoing analysis, a cycle of continuous improvement.  And we can help you wherever you are on your journey where businesses need to stay on top of their workforce activity to remain productive and effective …  ​​

​​PS another change not to forget is that money is changing too, paper £20 and £50 notes are not legal tender from the end of September.

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