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Crown Guide: How to manage workplace attendance and absence

Absence and workplace attendance are everyday challenges for many organisations, with often far-reaching impact. At an operational level, managers have the headache of filling a skills or capacity gap at short notice, which may have a knock-on effect on outputs, such as production efficiency or service levels.

However, if absenteeism is widespread or has a pattern, it can be a symptom of deeper underlying organisational issues. If not addressed, in addition to the short-term impact, the organisation could suffer long-term effects, such as service failures, serious production outages, the loss of clients and damage to its reputation and brand.

Understanding the reasons behind attendance and absence patterns is an essential element of identifying a solution. And to do that requires data. Having the right workforce management technology platform is vital. This provides the data and analytics that enable business leaders to understand problems, identify solutions and take strategic decisions affecting the entire organisation.

Our latest guide reveals some of the best strategies managers can take to reduce absence rates. It explores:

  • The major causes of absenteeism
  • How attendance data can reveal the biggest organisational challenges causing absence
  • Why your workforce management system needs advanced time and attendance capabilities
  • How reducing absence will positively impact your organisation's performance

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