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Crown strengthens security confidence by joining Risk Ledger

Crown Workforce Management is proud to have completed the Risk Ledger assessment, which gives our customers additional assurance that our organisation maintains an appropriate level of risk controls in order to protect against cyber incidents.

This is in addition to the Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 information security standards already maintained by Crown.

Risk Ledger is used by technology companies across the world to ensure that they have a trusted, centralised source of real-time data that lets them know which of their suppliers are adhering to their standards, reporting current risks to the board and identify and negate 4th, 5th and nth party risks.

Risk Ledger is building a global network of connected organisations all working together to defend-as-one, detecting, responding, and ultimately preventing cyber attacks in real-time. Its core values are:

  1. To help organisations collaborate on supply chain security
  2. To help organisations demonstrate control of supply chain risks
  3. To help businesses improve their supply chain risk management process
  4. To succeed and be driven by transparency and collaboration

Quality manager Louise Shenton says: 

“We are delighted to add the Risk Ledger to our growing list of security credentials. The customer relationships we have are all built upon trust that the information they provide in order for us to help them manage workforces efficiently is used securely and efficiently to achieve their objectives.”

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