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Big Data Could be the Answer to Big Questions

Big data is big news but how do organisations best harness data for HR management purposes to answer their big questions?

In a new webinar from Crown Workforce Management, Dr Pietro Micheli, Professor of Business Performance and Innovation at Warwick Business School and Harish Rao, Crown’s Chief Technology Officer, explore the potential of business analytics in HR decision-making. They look at how analytics can empower and energise employee understanding and engagement into the workforce management process as well as improve productivity.

They identify the common failings of organisations who only use analytics in limited ways. So instead of simply reviewing what has just happened and why, how they can move strategically into what will happen and what can be done to make something positive happen in the future. Dr Micheli argues that business analytics can translate information into knowledge and knowledge into better performance.

Together they examine how business analytics can be accurately focussed on questions needing resolutions, supporting operational and strategic decision-making and thereby helping to accurately define an organisation’s brand culture.

Challenging the preconceptions of organisations that assume they know something to be true, Dr Micheli defines how analytics can provide evidence, identifying the key factors to success, understanding individual contributions and informing forward planning to establish clear goals and actions. He also explores how business analytics has the capability to organise, plan and schedule ways that best meet with the skills and motivations of the workforce.

With change happening so rapidly, Harish Rao provides insight on how this can be managed through stable cloud-based platforms for digital transformation which overcomes traditional IT department obstacles and recognises the challenges of a mobile and tech-savvy workforce.

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